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If you are a daycare owner and you are tired of going in circles, maybe you are considering selling your business, know that there is a better solution. We invite you to become a partner!

Who are we

Le Pinceau is a chain of daycares with a team of 70 dedicated professionals. Because of our brand, extensive experience & talented team, we have seen exponential business growth in recent years. 
Since our inception in 2015, we have been able to expand from to a single daycare of ten children, to 5 branches, servicing more than 4000 happy customers throughout the past years.
Today, we welcome more than 300 children in our facilities every day. 
Because of our growth, we had setup a centralized kitchen which enables us to prepare healthy & fresh meals for all our children daily – without compromising on quality. 

Every new branch that our team takes on, becomes successful in a short period of time.
Since our launch in 2015, we have been able to acquire crucial knowledge and experience in daycare management with close attention to details. 
Now, with our dynamic and experienced team, we’ve decided to take a step further - We invite interested investors & daycare owners to partner with us and become a part of our continued success. 

Here is what we offer

We understand your pain points. We understand that today is challenging to manage private daycares because of a lack of manpower and the difficulty of attracting new customers, while competing with subsidized daycares. 
We offer you a complete management system.

How it works

1.    Evaluation of the entire project: 
Our professional team will evaluate your daycare, location, current financial state, as well as your current personnel.

2.    Proposal 
Our proposal with detailed business analysis & specific action plan & timeline of execution. We will show you how we can work together & propose you terms of our partnership. 

3.    Legal
Formal partnership agreement made by lawyers at no cost to you. 

4.    Rebranding
Change to Le Pinceau trademark. Complete renovation of the daycare with a possibility of financing by us. 
Complete makeover and re-fresh of interior design & furnishing according to Le Pinceau standards.

5.    New Operations as a part of Le Pinceau network
Evaluation & training of your existing personnel. Search and replacement of personnel where necessary.
Advanced marketing & advertising to acquire new customers. We use online & offline marketing tactics to bring customers to our doors. 


6.    Food management

7.    Security and housekeeping management


8.    Complete management of accounting & production of monthly financial reports

We assure you that selling your daycare business is not the only solution!

Talk to us today. We’re happy to answer any questions: Call us today 438-883-8188

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