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Become a franchisee

Le Pinceau Franchise

Le Pinceau Franchise

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Why become a franchisee?

Setting your foot in the business world can be quite an overwhelming first step. Indeed,
many find themselves faced with entrepreneurial challenges such as the knowledge, the
cost, and time required to launch a business. The solution to all this is quite a simple one.
Becoming a franchisee is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way of getting started in the
business. Here is why:

First, it is important to note that setting in place a strong business model is key to success.
However, this can take a long time, cost a lot and, essentially, requires trial and error. This is
where a franchiser comes in handy. By becoming a franchisee, you will skip the steps of
creating your own business model and will follow an already strong one that has previously
been tested by the franchiser.

Secondly, it is no secret that starting a business requires a large sum of money, especially
when one starts with no experience. More often than not, first time business owners will
make many errors along the way, spend large sums of money, which will lead to them giving
up. By becoming a franchisee, it is clear that your financial burden will be lessened, as you
will be following a strong and concise business plan, established by the franchiser.
Moreover, you will have a reliable team to help you with any questions you many have along
the way.

Thirdly, and most importantly, it allows you to be part of a strong and experienced team.
Indeed, finding reliable partners in business is incredibly hard. It is in the franchiser’s best
interest to guide their franchisee and company to success, making them the primary
reference. Thus, your success is the franchiser’s success!


Why Le Pinceau?

Today, the Canadian daycare industry’s market size is valued at 8.1 bn$ and had an
expected increase of 4.1% yearly. This makes the industry one of the most crucial
businesses today.

Le Pinceau has been operating since 2015. Since then, the company has set in place a solid
business model and a rigorous team, so much so that each established branch has seen
health and success shortly after opening its doors. This all makes Le Pinceau the leader in
the daycare industry in the Montreal area.

By choosing to become part of our team, you will be surrounded by successful individuals,
who will guide you through the journey of business.


Required Investment:

The initial investment to open a Le Pinceau Franchise includes, but is not limited to, the
franchise fee, interior construction, playground construction and equipment, classroom and
other interior furniture and equipment, initial supplies, marketing, architectural and other
design fees, permits and licensing, accounting and legal fees. Actual costs may vary
depending on the physical size and current condition of the premises.


Size of centre: 1500 sqft - 6000 sqft+


Number of children: 30 - 80


Investment: $220,000-$600,000+ (depends on location and permit size)


Franchise: $30,000


Royalties: 5% (4% + 1% for marketing)


**First 6 months, royalty fee free support


Average annual revenue: $400,000 - $800,000+


Liquid assets: $100,000 - $180,000

How we support our franchisees?

As a franchiser, we will be supporting you by:

1. Franchise training which includes:
Social Media
Ministry licensing
In classroom training
Philosophy behind our product and curriculum, the foundation of our business.
Site selection guidelines and specifications
Assistance in floor plan design
Assistance in playground design
Assistance and guidance in meeting licensing requirements
Detailed list of equipment and supplies required in each classroom
Preferred vendor list
Grand Opening marketing plan
A six month step by step checklist leading up to your opening date


2. Finding a location by geographic analysis
3. Helping with the legal paperwork and lease negotiations
4. Providing a complete and detailed design (interior and exterior) plan.
5. Providing contractor who is familiar with the design plan (both interior and exterior)
contact to start renovations
6. Assigning a designated project guide who will follow up with the renovation steps
7. Helping with the hiring of qualified educators
8. Providing access to Le Pinceau management software
9. Website completion
10. Providing menu and catering (which conform to our standards)


Process to becoming a franchisee:

1. Filling out our form:
Fill out the electronic form to send us your information. This will allow us to contact you to set
up an appointment.
2. In person appointment:
By meeting with us at our head office, we ensure that your questions and concerns
will be answered. Moreover, any required additional information will be given to you
about the process to help you make an informed decision about the business.
3. Visitation day:
After your questions have been answered and both you and the franchiser are ready
to move forward with the process, a visitation day will be offered to you. As a candidate, you
will be allowed to visit one of our branches to get a hands on experience with the daycare
business. This will allow you to make note of our curriculum and explore the expectations
that we hold for future franchisees.
4. Approval process
All approval information must be handed in at this point.
-Criminal record check
-Credit check
-Letter from bank stating liquid assets and personal net worth
-Designation of territory
5. Legal
After the candidate’s approval and the signature of the franchise agreement, you will be
required to complete the payment of the franchise fee, which will allow us to immediately get
started on your project!
Duration: Generally, the process of becoming a franchisee takes anywhere from 8 to 10
months, from the application process to the start of the franchise’s operation.

For more details, please contact us at438-883-8188

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