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Your Child Is in Great Hands


From the start

Think. Reason. Reflect. Experiment. Here are some of the skills and qualities that children develop at Garderie Éducative Le Pinceau. Since our creation, we have made every effort to help children throughout the different stages of their childhood.

All activities are designed to naturally aid the emotional and intellectual growth of our children. With the help of stimulating activities and hands-on learning opportunities, young children are freely encouraged to develop into bright young minds. Contact us to learn more, and join us today!

Health & Safety

As parents, we understand that your number one concern is the health and safety of your children. It's ours too! This is why management and educators take safety measures extremely seriously. Firstly, our yard is completely boarded up so your children can enjoy the outdoors while being safe. Second, the daycare is equipped with surveillance cameras, including the passage to the yard, yard, and premises. Every time someone rings our doorbell, we make sure they are familiar to us. In addition, in each branch, we have installed alarm systems related to the police and firefighters. A licensed company verifies it every year and offers us a verification certificate. Lastly, each branch contains a carbon monoxide indicator to ensure the health of your little ones!

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